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AmirKabir Semisubmersible Drilling Rig

Amirkabir Semi submersible Drilling Rig; Iran's Asset in Caspian Sea

Amirkabir semisubmersible drilling rig has got 8 anchors, weighing 20 tons each. A similar one exists only in the Gulf of Mexico. Amirkabir drilling rig which is domestically manufactured is currently operating deep in Caspian Sea waters.

This drilling rig is exploring oil in Sardar-Jangal oil field in Caspian Sea. The rig is being operated thoroughly by Iranians, and it has so far drilled two exploration wells. The second well has just proven to contain oil.

An increase in Iran's oil reserves and a boost in Iran's bargaining power in international energy markets are among the results of Iran's access to oil in the Caspian Sea. Based on positive results achieved from drilling exploration wells in Caspian Sea, exploration activities are expected to continue in the inland sea.

Here, exploration activities in deep waters of Caspian Sea are briefly reviewed.
Drilling at the depth of 3,500 meters in Caspian Sea resulted in the discovery of Sardar-Jangal oil field. The type of oil in this reservoir is light and of high quality. It would win many buyers. Sardar-Jangal is estimated to hold two billion barrels of oil with API 38. With a recovery rate of 25%, 500 million barrels of oil are recoverable from this field.
Following the discovery of the second oil well, these estimates are to change. production from this field would be beyond estimates.
Oil recovery from Sardar-Jangal is much more different than extraction from other offshore fields because this field is located in Caspian Sea's deep waters.
Amirkabir Rig Moved
After the drilling of the first well and the discovery of Sardar-Jangal in Caspian Sea, Amirkabir oil rig was planned to be moved to a predetermined spot for discovery and acquisition of new hydrocarbon resources.
This operation was conducted by Iranian oil service workers with the help of Caspian-1 and Caspian-2 vessels. It was the first of kind in Caspian Sea's deep waters. The whole operation lasted 36 working days.

AmirKabir Semisubmersible Drilling Rig


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