Signing a memorandum of understanding for development of joint cooperation between NISOC & KEPCO

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Signing a memorandum of understanding for development of joint cooperation between NISOC & KEPCO
At joint meeting of the managers of the NISOC & KEPCO, a memorandum of understanding was signed for the development of exploration activities in the Caspian Sea.

NIOC has been announced, this meeting was held yesterday (JAN 9.2022) “with the aim of developing of joint activities” between NISOC & KEPCO with the presence of managers and experts of two companies at NISOC in Ahvaz.

In this meeting, the director manager of NISOC, referring to the company’s capabilities in the field of technical affairs, and announced her readiness for the cooperation in development projects in the South Caspian Sea.
Alireza Daneshi, emphasizing that all sectors of the oil industry should share their capabilities for the development of the country, He said: “this company will cooperate with KEPCO and other oil and gas companies in the fields development.
He added: to provide technical services to KEPCO, several joint working groups in the field of geology, drilling, oil engineering and drilling technical services will be formed. This groups should be consist of experts from two companies to identify capacities for work with maximum attention to the environment.
In this meeting, the director manager of KEPCO thanking the director manager and other managers of NISOC, then he said: the main purpose of this meeting is to increase our cooperation and use the experiences and capabilities of specialists of the NISOC for the development of the South Caspian in the near future.
Murad Kamali stated: over past years, despite the exiting restrictions in the Caspian Sea, including the closure of this sea and cowardly sanctions against the Iranian oil industry, to develop basic infrastructure for exploration activities, very good actions has been done in the north.
He added: the most important actions are extensive geological 2D and 3D studies of the southern Caspian basin, constriction of the most advanced semi-submersible drilling rig in Iran, construction of several unique vessels to support the rig and naval operations, construction of docks, creation of operational area to support exploration activities and several drilling including oil discovery in Sardar Jangal field. He noted that this process should be done with the cooperation of all experts in the country’s oil industry, including NISOC & KEPCO.
Also at in this meeting the formation of joint specialized working groups in the fields of petroleum engineering, geology and drilling was discussed.
Jan 22, 2022 14:02
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KEPCO amid many other companies is a subdivision of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) founded in January 1998. KEPCO is an authority in exploration, development and production of oil and gas in Iran concerning South Caspian Sea and three littoral provinces of Golestan, Mazanderan and Gilan in Iran. KEPCO supervises all the contracts signed by local and international companies regarding exploration and development of hydrocarbon reserves in the area including the pertinent environmental matters. KEPCO is committed to the development of Caspian Sea oil and gas reserves as well.