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Construction of 3 vessels and support pier

The construction project of three multi-purpose vessels for support operations of the Amirkabir semi-submersible drilling rig was started in 2002 with the following objectives:


Using floats to move the platform
anchoring and picking up the anchor operations
Transferring fuel, bulk consumables, liquids, and required drilling equipment from shore to the platform and vice versa
Extinguishing platform fire in emergencies
platform personnel Transferring when needed
Playing the role of a float in the service of Amirkabir semi-floating platform,
Carrying out rescue operations for platform personnel in an emergency
The project to build the vessels has been assigned to the Iranian Marine Industries Company (Sadra) in an EPC contract. The Caspian I and II vessels joined the Caspian Fleet in February 2009, simultaneously as the platform became operational. The construction process of the Caspian III vessel is different from the Caspian I and II vessels due to the helicopter deck. For this reason, after obtaining the maritime requirements in 1994, after issuing a marine license, it was officially added to the Amirkabir semi- submersible platform support fleet.
These 16,000 horsepower vessels, each with a length of about 74 meters, can carry 2,500 tons of cargo. In addition to taking 630 cubic meters of fuel, they can carry and move more than 2,500 cubic meters of fluids required for drilling operations. Caspian vessels can be considered one of the most powerful vessels in the Caspian Sea, which does not include any restrictions other than frozen waters.
To properly exploit the built vessels, the support base of drilling operations has been constructed in the form of two projects: first, the construction of the pier and support facilities, including the required fuel and water tanks, and secondly, strengthening and dredging of the existing pond.
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