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Drilling of two offshore exploration and oil exploration wells in block 6.2 (Sardar Jangal area)

Exploratory drilling of Sardar Jangal wells in the deep waters of the Caspian Sea plus proving the existence of oil in this field is undoubtedly one of the golden points of Iran's oil industry. As a result, the capabilities of Iranian experts and Iran's upstream oil and gas industry were shown through these activities.

The structure of Sardar Jangal is a tectonic anticline located in the middle of the southern part of the Caspian Sea in thed structure was identified during a comprehensive study by the South Caspian Study Group (SGS) in 2000 based on a two-dimensional seismic interpretation. Subsequently, with three-dimensional seismography, the geometry and dimensions of this struc center of the deepwater section of the basin in Block 6,210 km east of Astara and 193 km north of Nowshahr. This undergrounture were shown more accurately. The structure of Sardar Jangal with east-west extension has a length of 23.8 km and a width of 5.8 km, which has been proven oil by drilling two exploratory wells in this field. The water depth in the place of drilling well No. 1 is about 691.8 meters and in the area of well No. 2 is about 713 meters above the Caspian Sea.

Drilling of the main hole SRJ-1 has started after drilling seven pilot holes on 10/08/2010. After reaching a depth of 2584 meters by doing well testing and oil flow (May 10, 2012), the existence of hydrocarbon resources in Sardar Jangal Square has been proven. The drilling operation of the SR-1 well was completed on 6/16/2012 after the installation of cement plugs and well cap.
Drilling on Well SRJ-2 also started after drilling four pilot holes on 30/NOV/2012 and successfully continued to a depth of 3488 meters. The reservoir layer discovered in well SR-1 in this well has been re-tested, and through the oil flow, the minimum extent of the oil reservoir in the Sardar Jangal field has been proven.
 Finally, with the installation of cement plugs and well caps, on 11/30/2014, the end of SRJ-2 well drilling operations was announced.


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KEPCO amid many other companies is a subdivision of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) founded in January 1998. KEPCO is an authority in exploration, development and production of oil and gas in Iran concerning South Caspian Sea and three littoral provinces of Golestan, Mazanderan and Gilan in Iran. KEPCO supervises all the contracts signed by local and international companies regarding exploration and development of hydrocarbon reserves in the area including the pertinent environmental matters. KEPCO is committed to the development of Caspian Sea oil and gas reserves as well.